Here are links to a few of my pieces across various websites. See my contact information below and get in touch.

Performing Taylor Swift: You Need To Calm Down shows that the difference between America’s Sweetheart Taylor Swift and Reputation Taylor Swift is aesthetics rather than content. In other words, she’s always salty – she just wears black on one album and pink on another.

No, Really, Rick and Morty Is Bad: The show is endlessly fascinated by the pain of the smart sad man while finding the pain he inflicts on others to be hilarious.

Mostly Sex and Death: My three-part series digging into BBC’s Dracula, a show that badly failed to fulfil the potential of its gorgeous ideas.

Detroit: Become Human Doesn’t Know How Oppression Works: Detroit: Become Human‘s writing is lazy, boring, and dangerous. In a story about robots and humans and robots becoming human that is called ‘become human,’ there are no human characters.

CALL THE FBI! Doki Doki Literature Club as Satire: A dating sim that turns into horror halfway through is probably trying to say something about dating sims.

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