BIT OF ADRENALINE, DASH OF OUTRAGE – Our Thoughts on Doctor Who “Spyfall: Part One”

First in a series of Doctor Who roundtables I’m running.


Spoilers ahead for “Spyfall: Part One”, up to and including the ending. Header image by @finlay_hs on Twitter.

Hello, and welcome to Bit of Adrenaline, Dash of Outrage! I go by Loafers and I’ll be hosting this series of roundtables. Every week, I’ll talk to two or three fellow Whovians to discuss the latest episode ofDoctor WhoSeries 12 from a leftist perspective. I’m taking over from Janine Rivers, an absolute genius who, all going well, will join us toward the end of the series. Joining me this week are:

Ruth Long (@UndiscoveredAdv on Twitter) is a writer, amateur graphic designer, and animal lover, best-known as the co-lead writer of Clara Oswald: The Untold Adventures, a fan-written project following the character of Clara after the events of Hell Bent (due to launch on April 25th, 2020). You can also catch her on the odd Who podcast, writing meta, or waffling…

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