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Know When to Fold (MOSTLY SEX AND DEATH #3)

Last piece in my series on BBC’s Dracula.


Spoilers for Dracula, up to and including the ending, which I do not like.

Entry #1 | Entry #2

About 48 hours ago, I began this series by saying that Steven Moffat is not as problematic as he is often made out to be by bad-faith critics. While I wasn’t exactly wrong, there sure is egg on my face now. Ideally, I could explain my disappointment with a large part of this episode in a way that fits into a sensible reading of Steven Moffat and Mark Gatiss’s body of work – but no such reading can exist anymore.

‘The Dark Compass’ sees Dracula emerge from both a coma and the sea. 123 years have passed; he is now in 2020. Surprise, everyone – it’s a bit like Sherlock after all. Opposing his bloody rampage is Dr Zoe Van Helsing, a descendant of Sister Agatha.

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