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Dracula, Slave to His Desires (MOSTLY SEX AND DEATH #2)

Second piece in my Dracula series, including sex addiction, Plato, and mind palaces.


Spoilers for Dracula Episodes 1 and 2, up to and including the ending (and what an ending).

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BBC’s Dracula continues its reign of terror with ‘Blood Vessel’: a spooky trip across the sea. When the big chompy boy boards the Demeter to travel to England, his irrepressible bloodlust lands him in hot water. Oh, that rascal! What japes!

Not for the first time, Steven Moffat’s background in sitcoms has served him well. Many sitcom episodes begin with one small lie that leads to further lies until all is chaos. This is essentially what happens in the confidently slow-paced ‘Blood Vessel,’ except the joke is more murder-y. It’s tempting to compare this to Doctor Who episodes like ‘Midnight’ or its base-under-siege genre but the similarities to those stories are superficial. Really, this is a detective story where we know from the word go who the killer is: the self-proclaimed…

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