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The Bi-Homicidal Dracula is Great, Actually (MOSTLY SEX AND DEATH #1)

First in a series of pieces I’m writing about BBC’s new Dracula programme.


Spoilers for the first episode of Dracula, up to and including the ending.

To my utter exasperation, the story must begin here: in an interview, Dracula co-creator Steven Moffat (you may have heard of him) was asked if the Count was bisexual. He joked that the vampire was “bi-homicidal. It’s not the same thing. He’s killing them, not dating them. You might need to delete your Tinder if that’s what you think. Dracula has always fed off men and women.” Similarly, he told the Independentthat “if you look at the first Hammer one [1958’s Dracula], the person Dracula looks most turned on by biting was Peter Cushing. There’s a whole homoerotic moment. But he’s eating them, not dating them.”

As a bisexual, I was surprised to discover that I’m supposed to be offended by this. But, whatever. It happens. It’s not the first time that some…

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