Non-Fiction Poetry satire

Writing Pack for Mental Health

Donate to Mental Health Ireland and I'll send you my writing.

Hello, all. If you don’t know, I write things: fiction, non-fiction, and poetry. I’ve written a fair whack of all three.

If you donate by text to Mental Health Ireland, I’ll email you a 26,000-word anthology of my writing.

Text “MHI” to 50300 to donate €4 to Mental Health Ireland. All of the money will go to the charity on most network providers. Some networks charge VAT but a minimum of €3.25 will reach its destination.

Mental Health Ireland supports 92 Mental Health Associations around the country with information and training.

Once you’ve sent the text, send me a screencap of the text conversation to verify. You can send it to my professional email (or by other means if you happen to have my other details).

In return, I’ll send you an anthology of some of my writing over the last three years or so, including:

  • pieces you can’t find on this blog or anywhere else
  • several pieces about Trump because that’s all anyone wants to frickin’ talk about anymore
  • the first chapter of a mystery novel I’m working on.
  • an explanation of why the pro-choice position isn’t extreme
  • a piece where I tear Katie Ascough to shreds
  • thoughts on media
  • poems (these are largely satirical but I must warn you that one of them is about feelings)
  • some in-jokes and non-professional stuff I’ve done in my free time because I know most of the people downloading this will be people who know me personally (if you don’t know me personally, don’t worry; these are sectioned off so you don’t have to suffer through them)
  • an account of an emotionally abusive relationship I was in once.

Thanks to anyone and everyone who supports Mental Health Ireland. Best wishes!

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