Don’t Follow Trump With Oprah

This weekend there have been, to the writer’s knowledge, two separate people that have expressed that they want Oprah Winfrey to be the DNC nominee in 2020.

These weren’t randomers in comment sections or a weird friend of a friends. These were respectable folks, people who are well regarded, people you’d trust as babysitters. One person who said this was a journalist for the New York Post. Another was an activist leader.

It’s easy to assume their brains just opened up their skulls from the inside like a trapdoor and left with their tiny brain legs and suitcases to catch the nearest boat to Sweden.

So, you may ask, what do these monstrous, inhuman husks of what were once dignified beings have to say for themselves? Are they capable of speech?

Well, first of all, they say that Oprah is intelligent and competent. Well and good. Oprah may be associated with vacuous daytime TV, but she is an obviously excellent businesswoman. She’s a serious adult, standing in contrast to a government where the only serious adult left is named Mad Dog.

But for the love of God, she’s not a politician. The great failure of Trump’s presidency so far is not that he has occassionally succeeded in doing terrible things, but that he has usually failed to do anything at all. This comes from a lack of experience.

You may respond that Oprah would know how to negotiate from a career in business, but I wouldn’t believe you. It’s not business. It’s not a daytime TV show panel. It’s politics; it’s the real nitty-gritty of politics. No easy decisions reach the President’s desk. Sure, Oprah may know how to find a compromise or find the right tone for every situation, but what’s absolutely crucial here is a thorough understanding of how politics works. Celebrities do not know how politics works.

Aha, you might say! Perhaps this article is acting as if we’re in the world of West Wing rather than the world of House of Cards. We are, after all, through the looking-glass here. We can’t, you might say, put forward some dashing young sort with great ideas about healthcare. We have to fight fire with fire. This, you might say, is now the age of the TV president, and the DNC must adapt to the cultural moment.

And yes, you would be right, in a limited way. The DNC needs to adapt to the cultural moment. It just needs to do that by scooting to the left.

Look, #BernieOrBust was terrible. It was a boring tantrum made by losers who think voting is the only political action of consequence and that Clinton and Trump are the same. But even if you agree with that, you may struggle to come to terms with the fact that Hillary Clinton was not the right candidate to run against Trump, and one of the most important reasons for that was her commitment to only making minir tweaks to a system which, in her view, was basically fine. The system is not fine. Folks all across the political spectrum could see something had to change, so they chose someone who would bring about that change. There’s your cultural moment (it’s painful that Hillary still has to be discussed).

None of this is to dismiss the actual main reason that Trump won, i.e. lots of people in the US are just really, really, really racist. What I’m getting at is that people in 2016 wanted change. In 2020, they will still want change, but they won’t want another celebrity. They won’t want a cookie-cutter DNC or GOP type. The moment is right for a lefty.

Please though, not Sanders. He could drop dead at literally any second.

In conclusion, just clone Jeremy Corbyn. Maybe make one for Ireland too.

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